intentional alexithymia

performance data: 
type: performance (experimental experience)
time: 17.7.2019; 5.00 pm
duration: until it is possible to get out of
the ice cube (7 h)
object: ice cube
other conditions: frozen temperatures in the object and summer
temperatures around it
act: enduring in the ice cube until it is melted
in order to get out

system wardrobe

performance data: 
type: interactive action with performance elements
time: 5.10.2018
duration: various times
place: Oskar Schlemmer stage, Bauhaus Dessau
object: wardrobe with engine
other conditions: stage location: opening possibility of the  backwall
which separates the stage from the canteen
act: hanging up jackets of recipients on the moving clothes
hanger, which are moving slowly in different directions;
so, the recipients can sit in front of the stage
and view their jacket moving like persons and building
references between each other;

cellular interference

by Hannah Gottsmann, Michaela Veigl-Meyer
and Linda Werner

performance data: 
type: interactive performance
time: 4.7.2018, 8:30 pm; 6.7.2018, 5:00 pm; 7.7.2018, 6:00 pm
duration: each 30 minutes
objects: gelatine bubble, wax cage, tear object
other conditions: bubble paper, room transformation
by changing the curtain
main acts: - staying in the gelatine bubble
until the other performer
helps the other out (Linda Werner)
-staying in the wax cage until the wax
is melted by a heated lamp (Hannah Gottsmann)
-tearing away the different layers of the tear object
until a tube comes out of it (Michaela Veigl-Meyer)
sub acts: -helping the other performers with their main acts
-transforming the room by changing the curtains, light,
projection and bubble wrap
-mixing the several materials


performance data: 
type: performance (experience)
time: 20.6.18, 11:00 am
duration: 30 minutes
object: gelatin bubble
other conditions: bubble paper, first try of the performance
;cellular interference
act: staying for about 20 minutes in the gelatine bubble


performance data: 
type: interactive action
time: 15.03.18
duration: the whole day
place: HfK Bremen exhibition the scholarship of the
“Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes”
object: altar with an interactive step
other conditions: --
act: taking a step on the glass step, which
photographs by means of light barrier the foot
from below. This picture is projected onto 
screen above the altar

inflammation of the bladder

performance data: 
type: interactive action
time: 30.11.2017, starting from 7:00 pm
duration: until 3.12.2017
place: Akademie Galerie
object: glass bench with light barrier,
camera and display
other conditions: vernissage/exhibition surrounding
act: taking a seat on the glass bench which
photographs by means of the light barrier the
seared bottom. The taken picture is displayed
in a white cube installation

six hours

performance data: 
type: performance (experience)
time: 10.9.2016, 12:00 am
duration: six hours
place: an island in lake Staffelsee 
object: latex bubble with the diameter of 80 cm
hanging in a fishnet, which is suspended in
a branch fork of a multi stemmed lime tree
other conditions: water temperature 20°C(the water surrounds
half of the bubble)
act: enduring 6 hours in embryo position inside
the tight and cold latex bubble


performance data: 
type: performance and impression of the relicts
time: 11.12.2017, 4:00 pm
duration: 20 minutes
object: candles, styrofoam, which are later filled
with plaster
other conditions: --
act: throwing candles on styrofoam plates until
they break. Recomposing the styroform
plates and filling the gaps with plaster.
Removing the styrofoam, which created
relief plates.


performance data: 
type: performance
time: 3.2.2016, 12:00 pm
duration: about 7 hours
object: freshly casted candles, plexiglas
other conditions: --
act: throwing the freshly casted candles on
acrylic glass


performance data: 
type: performance
time: 29.9.2016, 6.30 pm
duration: about two minutes
object: feed made of wax and candle made of stone
other conditions: --
act: destructing the wax feed, with the help of a
candle and later by the performers feeds

insect lollys

performance data: 
type: interactive action
time: 20.3.2015, 7:00 pm
duration: about 2 hours
object: insect lollipops
other conditions: dressed like a candywoman
act: observing the different reactions of the
recipients, as soon as they unpack the lollies
and discover the insects inside

through the swarm

performance data: 
type: performance
time: 4.4.2015, about 3:00 pm
duration: about 5 minutes
place: Alte Post
object: swarm made of flypaper with insects
and coconut hair
other conditions: surrounding exhibition
act: going through the swarm of sticky flypaper and
strings looking like insect legs

they crawl.

performance data: 
type: performance (experience)
time: 26.2.2015, 4:00 pm
duration: about 30 minutes
place: home
object: fly screen, in which the insects were wrapped
other conditions: at home, warmth
act: wrapping oneself in a fly screen, in which
the insects were wrapped

washing hands with insects

performance data: 
type: performance
time: 5.4.2015, 11:00 am
duration: about 20 minutes
object: washbasin, fly screen, cockroaches, grilles,
other conditions: --
act: washing ones hands with insects

scretch bracelets

performance data: 
type: performance (experience)
time: 24.4.2015, 10:00 am
duration: as long as it is endurable
place: home
object: scratching bracelet made of stinging-nettle,
glass wool, hair of a coconut, rose hip,
grinding wool
other conditions: --
act: wearing the scratching bracelet as long as
it is endurable followed by a documentation
of the skin rash and scratches


performance data: 
type: performance (experience)
time: 02.03.2015, 4:00 pm
duration: 5 hours
place: home
object: cocoon
other conditions: thorny barbed wire, warmth
act: staying in the cocoon for five hours while
experiencing the cozy feeling of the